Pre Detox Juice Cleanse Guidelines

Preparation is the first step to enjoying a great juice cleanse.

You can maximize the benefits of your next cleanse by dedicating a few days to preparation. Plus, you’ll enjoy a more pleasant experience and avoid a potential “healing crisis” by cleaning up your diet in the days leading up to your juice cleanse.

Our recommendation is to pre-cleanse for 2-7 days depending upon your current eating habits and lifestyle. Decide which category below best describes you and follow the recommendations for the appropriate length of time for your pre-cleanse diet.


You are a health enthusiast who is off your “usual” track and needs a Reset to get back to your norm of clean eating – 1-2 days is likely enough time to set you up for great success.

If kale is a regular part of your diet and you wouldn’t be caught consuming high fructose corn syrup, this is you!


You eat well most days, indulge a bit on the weekends and are looking for a solution to make consistently healthy choices.

Before diving into your juice cleanse, spend 3-4 days in your pre-cleanse elimination phase to rid your body of remnants of too much caffeine, alcohol or processed foods.

Maybe too much to do in too little time leaves you regularly eating SAD – consisting of processed or pre-packaged food, and not enough fresh, nutrient dense plant-based foods.

To avoid potential unpleasant detox symptoms and achieve your best Reset, commit to 5 days of a pre-cleanse diet.


Indulging in fast food, sugary sweets, and sodas on the regular sound like you?

Let your energy levels, metabolism, attitude and digestive system experience a Reset so you can live your healthiest and happiest life. We recommend that you embark on a 7-day pre-cleanse phase to reduce potential detox symptoms and prepare your taste buds for your cleansing journey!