MEGA DETOX Systems Orders and Tips

Order of Detox Systems


  1. Dr. Green –Pill in a bottle, using the power of Greens to promote the highest form of detoxing. Which giving you pounds of produce in a bottle while tasting great!
  2. Youth Juice – This juice designed to replenish the electrolytes and natural cell hydration and great for skin care, and preserving the youthfulness.
  3. MASTER CLEANSE – removing intestinal bloat, circulating the blood
  4. NATURAL-DETOX – This a natural way to clean intestines, a natural laxative, while improving the all-around health of your gut. 70% of the immune system is locating the gastrointestinal system (gut) by detoxing it greatly increases the chances for great overall health.
  5. Fight Cancer – The Juice name comes from the High Alkalinity properties of this juice and which is key, most diseases (Cancer) cannot survive in alkaline environment serving the purpose of a Detox!
  6. COAL WORLD – Activated charcoal has been used since the 1800s to, quite simply, remove ingested toxic substances from the body (which, by the way, is the very definition of detoxification) help with are symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), like diarrhea, gas and bloating! (Taste like all natural Lemonade 
  7. Dance to the Beet – Besides the fun name, this juice will get your blood circulation and while using the Power of Beets detoxify the Blood! (Beet taste is not strong for non-beet lovers)
  8. Dr. Green – completing the detox with alkalizing the body and removing cell waste

*ALL orders called over the phone must be PRE-PAID*